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Corporate Gallery

From Events to products, to still photography, all the images you need to promote your work, your business, your products and your staff, contact Karen at Daisy Dog Photos to discuss what you need. Email: karen@daisydogphotos.co.uk

Looking for an advert and need the right image, i can make composite images and create a new way to promote your product, here are a couple of examples of my recent work I did for a company called Crotch Guard who supply anti chafing oil to triathletes and cyclists.

Corporate Headshots 

Do you need to let your clients know 
who you are? Staff photos are ideal for letting clients know who is dealing with them. 

Please contact Karen for more details: karen@daisydogphotos.co.uk

The Wellness Hub.

I was commissioned to take photos for their website which can be found here: http://www.thewellnesshub.co.uk/team.html

Wellness Hub Completed Album

Molten Rock.
 Based in Milton Keynes who provide a range of Mobility Equipment including an All Terrain Wheelchair called the Boma 7. 

My images can be found in their brochures and social media pages: 

The Loft Shefford, based in Northbridge Street, Shefford. 

My images can be found hanging on their walls, on merchandise in the cafe/bar, social media pages and also images will soon be added to their website:

The Loft, Shefford, Photo Shoot 27/03/2014

Yellow Cross Ltd.
This is a national company providing products to alert medical conditions and to carry vital medical equipment. 
My images have been used to promote these products:


Yellow Cross Products

Creations Flowers, Taylor Made for You, High Street, Shefford.

I have provided images for brochures, social media pages and other publications as well as stills for specific items. I have also made a promotional video using a combination of time-lapse photography, animation and stills which have been used online and at various events. 

You Tube Video 

The Dolls House, Shefford. 

This is a vintage gift shop, located on the High Street in Shefford. I have provided both images and videos to promote their products and special events as well as being commissioned to produce a very successful Calendar. My images have been used to promote their shop on a range of social media pages and on You Tube:

The Dolls House Shefford and Martha's Vintage Tea Room

Martha's Vintage Tearoom

I have provided numerous images for this award winning tea room. Covering menu items to events to promotional brochures and posters as well as a range of promotional videos on You Tube

Burn's Supper at Martha's Vintage Tea Room, Duck Lane, Shefford, Bedfordshire