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In everyone's life, there are those special moments that  we want to last for ever or wish we could see again. I am passionate about capturing those moments in time through photography. 


Karen Brammer, Director, Photographer for Daisy Dog Photos www.daisydogphotos.co.uk

Hi my name is Karen Brammer, welcome to my website.

I take great pleasure in the actual craft of photography and work hard to capture the image in the camera using light and filters as well as a range of different styles of lenses. I use both digital and film cameras. I also have had to make major life changes and adopt a very different photography style as I am now in a wheelchair. In a way it gives me a whole new perspective for taking photos and I am using it to my advantage. More recently I have won 15 national awards for my photography and am happy to say I am an official award winning photographer. 

Please find below a link to my blog with all my award winning images 

Adobe Spark Page

Daisy Dog Photos is inspired by my own dog Daisy, who is a faithful companion.

I offer a wide variety of prints, cards, digital images and videos.  All printing is done using premium quality photographic paper, fine art paper and inks that are fade resistant.

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